The seed catalogues started arriving a few weeks ago and yesterday I received my first garden furniture catalogue. The view on to the terrace is bare and bleak…even though we are having unseasonably warm weather. So, it’s time for me to think about what the terrace will look like come the real warm weather. The outdoor furniture I’ve been using for many years is due for a makeover. Or, maybe its time to completely rethink the look. Something more contemporary appeals. It’s the influence of all those catalogues I think.

At the shop all the summer stock is bundled up and stored. Will we have a completely new look come Spring? Maybe…probably! We found a new source for some fine garden statuary and have had some great things we bought last year restored. We’re researching a new line of garden furniture.

Now’s the time for research and planning. How much sun do you get? Do you need to create shade? What about shade for the plant material and moisture conditions? Will you be entertaining outside? How often, how many? Formal or casual? What about the deer? I’ve found over the years that it’s best to plant things the deer won’t eat. I’ve watched too many dollars disappear as the deer’s dinner. Some rely on fencing, but my place is too extensive and not suitable for fencing. So, I rely on lots of lavender and other herbal plantings. At the shop we are fenced in, but even so, last year the deer or another plant predator made a meal of some of our potted plants.

So, pull up a cozy chair, get out the catalogues and dream of summer.