Michael Bertolini met one of his most important clients while working on a house in Tuxedo Park. The decoration of the house had to be completed by Christmas for a great party.

At the party was the sister of the owner. The sister was a resident of Bangkok. Her husband could not attend, so Michael was asked to be her escort.

During dinner the lady from Bangkok turned to Michael and said that she had many social debts to pay. Did Michael have any ideas for a party? He asked do you have a garden, she said, yes about five-acres of garden. He said, how about a Venetian Ball, having just read a book about Venice in the 18th Century. She said, “Oh”. The next morning a phone call from the lady told him to be on an airplane to Bangkok. They were going to do a party for 300.. in Bangkok.. in the garden.. in two months. That began a relationship that lasted many years and many houses.